Remember these moments

Alan Riley

If you look at my facebook page, you can trace back many incredible moments of my life from my Masters graduation, to my engagement with my husband, to our marriage, to the announcement of our children’s pregnancies and births.  There are pictures and posts  that help me remember how excited and happy I was when these big moments happened. But what about those small moments that we don’t document as often, but we still want to remember?  I recently posted the following on my personal fb page: “Dear mommy, remember these moments…” I then proceed to describe something my daughter was doing that I did not want to forget.  I received a comment from a mommy with older children and her advice was simple, “Memory fades, write it down as often as you can.”  It sounds a bit harsh, but she is right.  It has been 4 years since my daughter was a baby, and  I can barely recall many of my favorite memories with her at that age.  Memory does fade, so I have made a commitment to write more about my favorite memories with my children.  For the purpose of this post, let's start with my daughter.  

Dear my little Irie, I want to remember how sweet you are to your brothers.  How you call them, “bubba” and give them such big hugs around their necks that you look like you are going to choke them with love.  I want to remember the times you read to them your favorite books, all of the words which you have memorized because you are much too young to read.   I want to remember how when your brother’s get hurt, you instantly want to hug them, rub their back and tell them you are there for them. You act as if you are so much older than they are, because I think you think you are; but sweetie, you are really not.

I want to remember exactly how you look, including that crazy hair you have; how you love to wear it down, even though it’s a mess, you love it and so do I.  I want to remember that big smile, and the small gaps in your teeth that you will soon outgrow.  

I want to remember your words; how when you love something you end the word with an “ie” such as your “tigie” and “blankie” that you sleep with every night, or your favorite “cupie”, the “huggies” you ask for as often as you can, or even your brother whom you affectionately nicknamed “lukie.”

Then there are just those random things about you that I want to remember such as how you promise to try to do something even when it is too hard, how easy it is for you to complete puzzles and how you sing twinkle, twinkle little star in the car and then try to get your brothers to join in.  Your voice is young, and not yet tuned but to my mommy ears it is perfect.   I want to remember your whimsical dance moves, and your love for gymnastics.  Most of all, I want to remember how you love me.  It is unconditional, and perfect and sweetie I love you just the same and even “more than that”.  I want to remember but I know I will soon forget.  Another 4 years will pass and I will love who you are in those moments, and likely forget who you are in these moments.  So, I promise to write it down before my memories fade not due to age or a disease, but simply because too much time has passed.  

So to all the mommies and daddies out there, don’t let your memories fade of your perfect little ones.  Write it down, take a picture, capture a video and return to it every once in a while so that you will always remember because time is way too fast, and it will never slow down enough for us to capture it all.  So capture what you can.  You deserve it, and so do your little ones.


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