Our Story

Who are we?

We are the proud parents of 3 beautiful young children, two of whom are twins and are only born 15 months apart from our oldest child. We went from zero small ones to three in less than 2 years. We know that raising three young children can often be a challenge, and it is easy to forget to slow down, enjoy, and find the joy in all of it. 

What is the meaning of irie?

In Jamaica when the locals ask, “How are you today?”, the common response is “Everything is irie.” This means that life is beautiful, peaceful and joyful. It is the highest feeling one can have.  We loved the meaning so much that we made irie a part of our daughter's name.

What do we offer?

 Through our clothing items we hope to offer more irie to parenting. It is therefore our mission to find and design clothing for little girls that simply bring more irie to them and their parents.  We do this by committing to clothes that:

  • Are comfortable, fashionable and practical for little girls between the ages of 2-6 years.
  • Will be used on a consistent basis and not just a one time wear 
  • Affordable so mommies and daddies can continue to run a budget that works for the entire family.

There's more...

...because we deeply believe in making this world a better place we commit to the following: 
  • Clothing that is not made in a sweatshop. 
  • Donating a percentage of all profits to a charity that is dedicated to supporting little ones.  For the year of 2018 we have committed to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. 

Wait! Just one more thing...

..because here, at Irie Outfitters we are always focused on how to bring more irie to parents.  That is why all of our blogs are focused on advice, tips and trends that will bring more peace, beauty and joy to households of little ones and their parents.  So follow us on Facebook at Irieoutfitters or irieparents to read our blogs.